Coming to a sewage plant near you…

The pleasure in finding practical purposes for classical music.

Riding the TTC on my way in to work yesterday morning, balancing a Starbucks latte in my left hand, a wet umbrella dangling from my wrist, and an old issue of BBC Music Magazine across my lap, I came across an interesting article about a new venue for Mozart — a sewage plant?!?!

Operators of a German sewage centre have discovered that with the help of an elaborate sound system (with acoustic effects similar to a concert hall), piping Mozart’s The Magic Flute into the plant, helps to break down waste material!  “We think the secret is in the vibrations of the music, which penetrate everything — including the water, the sewage, and the cells.  It creates a certain resonance that stimulates the microbes (that break down the feces) and help them to work better.” This revelation could possibly save waste management facilities thousands of dollars a month!

There has been no scientific testing, but the chief operator of the plant, Anton Stucki, explains it this way,  “Mozart managed to transpose universal laws of nature into his music.  It has an effect on people of every age and every cultural background.  So why not on microbes?  After all, they’re living organisms just like us.”

Maybe I should listen to Mozart while eating my morning bowl of All Bran Buds.

The power of Mozart knows no bounds!


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One Response to Coming to a sewage plant near you…

  1. Usic says:

    Maybe feces responds so well to Mozart because he was a sufferer of coprolalia…
    he knows how to talk sh!t

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