The Best of Barber

The pleasure in an awesome night at the symphony.

Other than the famous Adagio for Strings, I have to admit I have never really listened to Barber’s music.  But, when I decided to check out the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s 100th birthday celebration of Samuel Barber last night at Roy Thomson Hall, it may have been one of the best concert choices I have ever made.  Ever.

One concert, so many pleasures:

  1. Thanks to John Terauds’ preview article in the Toronto Star, I downloaded Peter Oundjian’s (TSO Music Director and super charming ‘silver fox’) favourite recording of the Piano and Violin Concerto — Jon Kimura Parker (piano) and Robert McDuffie (violin) with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and conductor Yoel Levi (Telarc).  Love it.  Now on repeat.
  2. Which led to the pleasure of a real-life cinematic moment.  Read here.
  3. I experienced what will go down in Karenoke history as one of my most memorable concerts.
  4. Boody was a hot date.  Moving to Regina and back to Toronto, she had been on a break from the TSO for 2.5 years.  It was about time we sat together again in C3. We drank wine and shared a KitKat bar at intermission.  Small coatcheck still to be revisited.
  5. Music that stirs feelings in you, you never want to end.  But when it does, clapping and cheering and standing ovations!  (The high still hasn’t worn off.)
  6. Thanks to always fashionable Liz (putting our black pant ensembles to shame),after the concert we went backstage to exclaim to Jon Kimura Parker (“Jackie”)how ridiculously amazing his performance was (holy eff), to gush about his handsome hotness, to give him a hug (he gives such great hugs), and to show him my vest.
  7. The unabashed adoration continued when we met Gil Shaham, who is as warm and kind as his musicality.
  8. Getting home on my bicycle faster than riding the TTC.

If you have a chance to go tonight.  You MUST.  There is still time!

In agreement with John Terauds.  100%.  (Read his review of last night here.)  “Simply put, neither a birthday celebration nor a concert could possibly get any better than this uplifting, energizing night at the symphony.  Missing these performances is your loss.”

Do not be a loser.  There is no pleasure in that.


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One-time karaoke champion blogging about curiosities and cravings for music, food, design, and other sweet pleasures.
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2 Responses to The Best of Barber

  1. sasktasha says:

    I love your concert review and was so proud to be your date. You did leave out one especially magical moment of the evening…the part where we accidentally walked across the Roy Thomson Hall stage. I can’t wait for our next concert date.

  2. Liz Parker says:

    You are being ridiculous. Your black pant ensembles were hot. You guys clearly did not read to read – ever – the famous memo. You know the one I mean! The FASHION STATE OF THE UNION (which, for the first time in forever, I didn’t bother writing this year).


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