Something About Somefield

I’ve had the same desktop wallpaper on my laptop for three or four years now and the same one is even on my computer at work.  It has never been changed and at one point I also considered putting it on my iPhone.  What does that say about me?

There’s just something so calming and reassuring about the green anemone and the two orange clown fish…maybe it’s just comforting to know that Nemo is safe and found.

Thankfully, my friend Chris finds pleasure in regularly switching up his desktop wallpaper and today I snapped out of my Apple hypnosis when I saw these beautiful illustrations by Barnaby Ward.

There’s something dark yet whimsical about the girls and their companions.  They gaze with sadness and confidence.  I like how Barnaby gives special attention to detailing their hair and shoes, highlighting innocence with a sophisticated flair.  And then there’s the Octopus, so mysterious and totally badass.  Could my attraction to creatures of the sea come from my Pisces sign, or perhaps I see (or wish to see) a little of myself in these majestic molluscs?  They also make me think of the eclectic stylings and accessories of bloggers Kelly Framel, The Glamourai and Jane Aldridge, Sea of Shoes.  Right?

You can download all the images and more at  Now the trouble is, which one to choose!?!?  (I think they would also look super fab in a bathroom.)  More of my favourites…


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