Mysteries of the Macabre

Watch and be amused with me.  WARNING: Some may find certain sounds offensive. Here is a clip from the Berlin Philharmonic’s performance of György Ligeti’s Mysteries of the Macabre (1991) with Canadian soprano Barbara Hannigan and Sir Simon Rattle conducting.

0:15 — In her role as Gepopo, the chief of the secret police of Brueghelland, I love how Barbara Hannigan transforms herself from a wholesome yet glamorous, respectable woman to a femme fatale, hysterical crazo.

0:35 — Wow, that is one itchy ear.  Or is she playing her head like a theremin?

1:05 — Red alert!  The soprano is going haywire!

1:10 — Will her head fall off?

1:12 — Gasp!  Sir Simon has had ENOUGH and takes a moment for a spaz break.

1:30 — Babs is obviously embarrassed, but still can’t seem to get a hold of herself.

1:45 — She breaks down and begins chanting what seems to be a curse or is it a tribute to Celine Dion?

2:05 — Nope, she’s just lost it.

Sit tight, no fright.  György Ligeti’s Mysteries of the Macabre, is a very cool piece of work. Learn more about it here, in a program note written by Barbara Hannigan.

Step aside Rocky Horror Picture Show, wouldn’t this be great for next Halloween?


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