The Notebook – Another Love Story

The pleasure in a fresh new diary!

Confession: I may have squealed like a Bieber fan in heat when I realized that my 2011 Moleskine day planner arrived in the mail today.  Sure, with iPhones and email calendars we are only thumbs away from managing our social agendas and to-do lists, but they just don’t offer the same tactile satisfaction as picking up one’s favourite pen and writing on a smooth page of acid-free paper.  I’ve already started jotting down significant dates like birthdays/anniversaries (including those of my favourite composers), potential vacation days, and of course, filling out the personal data page and the ever important In case of loss, pleasure return to.  (Is there some kind of superstition against this type of behaviour that I should be aware of?)

This nerd alert was brought to you by Moleskine.  I ordered mine from and it was delivered to my happy little hands in two days!

Now I can’t wait for January 1, 2011.

(I know this picture is backwards but I don’t care.  In this special case of frenzied excitement I was able to momentarily overcome my OCD.  Moleskine is that good.)


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