The Flashing

With the latest flashing by Chorus Niagara singing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus at the Welland Seaway Mall (watch here), I’m reminded how much people take pleasure in witnessing and producing these spontaneous performances.

The pleasure of the spectacle.  The pleasure in watching a mob of people (many who are strangers) coming together to collaborate in sync, dance, song, and spirit.  The pleasure in the shock and awe of “random acts of culture”.  The pleasure in throwing the video proof into the world wide web and watching the number of views skyrocket into the millions.  The pleasure in a super fun marketing tool.  The pleasure in getting away with what only power in numbers can achieve.

So naturally, I thought I’d make a compilation of some of my favourite flash mobs.

Flash Freeze — This would be truly spooky.  Over 23 million views.

Flash Pants — Storm into a store wearing gold pants and scamper around singing “Oh, Oh, Oh!”  Over 649,000 views.

Flash Opera — Forget close talking, I like close singing.  Over 3 million views.

Flash Karaoke — Dream scenario for a team player and hardcore karaoke fan like myself.  Over 3 million views.

Flash Mambo — A logistical triumph to get an entire orchestra on board and to coordinate that many musicians and their instruments into a busy public space.  Bravo!  Over 36,000 views (it’s relatively new).

1 billion smiles!

Thanks to Lisa Mackay for posting the Chorus Niagara video on her blog, which spawned this post, totaling 21 minutes and 59 seconds of time wasted watching YouTube videos.


About karenoke

One-time karaoke champion blogging about curiosities and cravings for music, food, design, and other sweet pleasures.
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3 Responses to The Flashing

  1. lizinko says:

    HAHAHA happy to help promote time lost to the internet. I refuse to calculate mine, on the grounds that it will make me cry.

  2. I know there are lots of these and you were only posting your favourites, but how can this not be one of your favourites, it’s right here in Toronto 🙂

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