The Velvetine Bag

The pleasure (and torture) in finding one’s satchel soulmate.

What started out as a curious glimpse through the shop window of A2ZANE became love at first sight.  This led to weeks of online stalking and then on Saturday I innocently lured my friend Lisa and her 3-year old son William into the store with me.  The fateful moment had come.

I tried it on.  *Gasp* the kiss of death!  Oh Velvetine “Lemmy”, I love you sooo…

Velvetine is a Paris-based collection by designer Anne Cecile Couetil.  According to Zane the handsome and enlightening shop owner, the leathers are treated in a family-owned factory in the south of Italy and the bags are then produced in Paris and Portugal.  So soft and supple they are like butter.  I am getting all verklempt just thinking about it!

Each style of Velvetine bag is named after a rock icon.  In my bag’s case it is “Lemmy”, named after Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, the “godfather of heavy metal”.  I learned more about him from this movie trailer.  “Captain Hook” — a total bad ass.  My ears are not built for heavy metal, but I almost love the bag even more, knowing that a “god of rock” inspired the design.

Part of the “Sweet Needle” collection, one of my favourite details of the bag is the signature gold pin-drop closure — totally rock ‘n’ roll, fetchingly femme fatale, with a hint of Sherlock Holmes.  I thought that the gold chains would make the bag heavy, but it is surprisingly light.  And when I opened up the bag, my heart skipped a beat to see practical compartments for organizing my purse-held life.

I’ve been searching for the perfect bag for years.  Years!  And then I heard this one calling my name.  So what’s stopping me now?  I didn’t expect to fall so hard for one in this price range.  Now I’m in limbo.  An obsessive shopping dilemma.  Do or die?  Splurge or purge the dream?

What would Lemmy do?  Somebody help!


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