I Heart Grobes

This week I had the pleasure in meeting Josh Groban…twice!

Now of course, as a professional, I remained calm.  I did not swoon over him (that’s what blogs are for), nor did I even ask to have my picture taken with him (the above photo was stealthily snapped by my coworker Stephanie who received a compliment from Grobes, “Cool glasses”).

But to my pleasant surprise, after his interview at the radio stations, he took a picture of me and posted it on his Facebook page and on Twitter.

Can you see me?  I’m there in the background with my hands in my pockets, totally ignoring Josh Groban.  Not sure what he means by “You know you’re at a classical music station when…”  When you see me?

It goes without saying, Grobes has an incredible voice (some say of an angel), with his boyish good looks he’s pretty adorable, plus he’s a really nice guy.  But I’ve learned a few things about Grobes over the last couple of days that have made me like him even more:

  • His middle name is Winslow.
  • He’s a Pisces born in the year of the Rooster.
  • He’s a fan of Kanye West and his tweets.
  • His fans include Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck.
  • He uses phrases like “shiver me timbers”.
  • He approaches cleaning his ears with Qtips like an extreme sport — it feels so good but it can be dangerous if pushed too far.
  • He is slap-your-knee funny — which is likely attributed to the above points, starting with “Winslow”.

So yes, I’ve outed myself.  I’m proud member of the Josh Groban fan club… but Yumi wins for Number One Fan.  Grobes, I’m glad that with all your fame and fortune, you’re still you.

Oh yeah…he also uses the term “awesome sauce”.


About karenoke

One-time karaoke champion blogging about curiosities and cravings for music, food, design, and other sweet pleasures. http://about.me/karenoke
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One Response to I Heart Grobes

  1. sabrinashim says:

    Awesome sauce? Bwahahaha! Sign me up to the club, too! Preferably a non-executive role. 🙂 Loooooooove the Grobes.

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