New Toys

The pleasure in getting new toys.

Looking back to the weeks I spent agonizing and debating over the purchase of a Velvetine bag, I am now so happy I chose to forgo the indulgence and instead, buy my first DSLR camera! Yahoo!!!  There is LOTS to learn, but already I’m experiencing the great pleasure and satisfaction of diving into a new art.

The Canon EOS Rebel T1i is entry level but it’s best to start simple right?

Naturally, the handsome Usic became my first test subject.  Here he is preparing the Kefir — a probiotic milk beverage with many health benefits — in our nightly routine.  (More about Kefir to come…)  Please pardon my first attempts at focus and composition.  But I couldn’t help but do a celebratory fist pump when I uploaded my first HD video with SUCCESS!

Thank you to Vimeo Video School for providing a super helpful resource for keen beginners.  If there are any blogs or books you could recommend to aid in my photo-video-graphy education, please let me know!


About karenoke

One-time karaoke champion blogging about curiosities and cravings for music, food, design, and other sweet pleasures.
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One Response to New Toys

  1. Lisa says:

    So good! Well, the video was – that stuff made me gag a little bit… blehhhhh!!! But I love how you really mixed up all the shots of essentially the same thing to make it feel interesting – and it is so cool that it has great depth of field!! Now I want one!!

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