All A Twitter

I’ve been a very bad blogger.  The negligence all began when I decided to be more diligent at tweeting (I’m a late adopter), and ironically enough, now my first post in weeks is about, Twitter.

So what’s so pleasurable about Twitter these days?  Well, for a classical music lover like me (and you)…LOTS.  It’s the place to catch up on the latest news and musings of classical music from around the world — hear it from the venues, orchestras, critics, record labels, publicists, fellow fans, and my favourite, the performing artists themselves — and all in one place.

Maybe it’s a symptom of Peeping Tom syndrome, but in addition to keeping up with their performances and the like, Twitter is a window into the life and minds of the people behind the music.  After all, we’re all just people, who need people, right?  With only select media putting the spotlight on our classical talent, and concert protocol remaining pretty traditional with little or no verbal interaction from the stage, Twitter is a great venue for dialogue about the music and anything else.  And it restricts the long-winded to only 140 characters.

Here’s a list of classical stars I’ve found on Twitter so far.  (As of March 31, 2011).  I hope this group grows and a little friendly competition for followers would do no harm!  Please let me know who I’ve missed.

Sarah Chang, violin — 1,739 tweets.  33,309 followers.

Gustavo Dudamel, conductor — 78 tweets.  18,633 followers.

Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor — 146 tweets.  13,289 followers.

Lang Lang, piano — 613 tweets.  7,422 followers.

Kronos Quartet — 822 tweets.  5,566 followers.

Lorin Maazel, conductor — 305 tweets.  4,952 followers.

Hilary Hahn’s violin case — 358 tweets.  4,733 followers.

Joyce DiDonato, soprano — 778 tweets.  2,613 followers.

Yuja Wang, piano — 299 tweets.  2,604 followers.

Stephen Hough, piano — 1,426 tweets.  2,461 followers.

Gil Shaham, violin — 79 tweets.  2,253 followers.

Deborah Voigt, soprano — 502 tweets.   1,638 followers.

Evelyn Glennie, percussion — 702 tweets.  1,296 followers.

Gabriela Montero, piano — 86 tweets.   510 followers.

You can follow me where I tweet for work and for pleasure at:
The New Classical 96.3FM — 635 tweets.  748 followers.


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One-time karaoke champion blogging about curiosities and cravings for music, food, design, and other sweet pleasures.
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2 Responses to All A Twitter

  1. Natasha says:

    Thanks, Karen…I’ve recently and lately adopted twitter as well and this is a great cheat sheet!

  2. Jen says:

    Karen – as always, you’re posts are refreshing and informative. I heart your face.

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