Diagnosis, Mahleria

The only cure is time.

You either love him or hate him, but on the centenary of the composer’s death, Mahler maniacs are running wild!  Here are a few of my favourite Mahler memorial offerings.

Alma Mahler remembering the night of her husband’s death:  Mahler lay with dazed eyes; one finger was conducting on the quilt.  There was a smile on his lips and twice he said “Mozart!”  His eyes were very big.

Alma & Gustav

Creepo Crispin Glover marches to Mahler while squeaking a stupid mouse.

Back in 2007, a mystery tagger gave Mahler some pretty bold street cred in Toronto (@torontoist).  Where is his/her can of spray paint on this day of significance?

Queen Street Bridge in Toronto

In a battle of twits, I came up with The Godmahler for #conductormovies and then my colleague Stephanie Parrot activated her photoshop skills.

Puppet master of the symphony.

Michael Tilson Thomas of the San Francisco Symphony takes a moment in Prague to raise a glass (of cola) to Gustav.

Tim Smith of the Baltimore Sun’s Clef Notes chose to mark this day with “Urlicht” (“Primal Light”) movement from the “Resurrection Symphony”.  He says “these five minutes easily reveal the soul of Mahler and the extraordinary, magnetic pull of his music” and I totally agree.

Ain't it the truth!?


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