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Wandering Heart

If you’ve been wondering where the heck I am, my eyes have wandered over to Tumblr (where my short attention span finds it easier to post short tidbits of randomness).  My heart is still in Pleasure Troll, but I’m going … Continue reading

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The Dying Swan

An incredibly beautiful and expressively eloquent performance by cellist Yo-Yo Ma and dancer Lil Buck has recently gone viral. But it’s not the first time The Dying Swan has inspired a collaboration of classical and modern, music and motion, simplicity and complexity. … Continue reading

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All A Twitter

I’ve been a very bad blogger.  The negligence all began when I decided to be more diligent at tweeting (I’m a late adopter), and ironically enough, now my first post in weeks is about, Twitter. So what’s so pleasurable about … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Classics

I have to admit, I did NOT watch Super Bowl this year.  I didn’t watch the opening anthems being sung; or any part of the game (not even a second); I did not tune in for the half-time show (although … Continue reading

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Mini Vader

The pleasure in watching a commercial that’s so good it makes you laugh out loud. But what makes it good?  If the purpose of this Volkswagen commercial was to make me want to buy a Passat — Fail.  Do I … Continue reading

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Cycle Chic or Cycle Crazy

The pleasure in cycling through the city…but in the winter? Once temperatures went below 5 degrees, I retired my bicycle and it is now at Usic’s shop getting a makeover.  (I can’t wait for its spring reveal!)  But there are … Continue reading

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Big Note Bach

If Tom Hanks stuck to piano lessons for at least one more year, I believe he could have performed something much more impressive than Heart & Soul and Chopsticks at FAO Schwarz. Maybe he could have done the rag time two … Continue reading

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